Spiderman No Way Home 
Spiderman, the most loved superhero of all time, is finally back at the movie theaters on the 15th of December 2021. 
The goal of this spot campaign for the new Sony and Marvel movie, was to approach and communicate the film as a cultural event and a must see. Creating a strategic approach that could increase the audience age group. Touching and focalizing the ADV towards the designated geographic target area : Italy. 
Our Strategic approach to achieve the client's goal was to use as a touchpoint one of the movies shocking news, the revelation of Spider Man's identity.
 From there we developed the concept of “Anyone could be Spiderman” 
Creating a comedy spot that could reach a vast range of people of all ages throughout the use of a testimonial. A famous comedian/actor in Italian culture, Pasquale Petrolo. That weeks before had become viral for a fake superhero costume and his original identity.

Creative Directors  -  Stefano Solarino &  Lorenzo Teragna 
Art Director  - Simone Di Salvo
Copy - Gaia Polverosi 
Client - Marvel & Sony Pictures

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